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About us

Octanium Corporation is a service-disabled veteran and minority-owned small business that provides a broad spectrum of Cybersecurity and Technology solutions to federal government, state and local municipalities, commercial businesses and organizations.


Our Mission

Octanium Corporation is committed to advancing cybersecurity and technology solutions that protect and empower businesses and organizations. Our mission is to continually innovate and deliver versatile, on-demand cybersecurity solutions that address current cyber threats effectively.

To become one of the world’s leading cybersecurity and technology solutions provider.

Our Vision

Our vision at Octanium Corporation is to lead the way in cybersecurity and technology, by ensuring a safer digital landscape for all. We strive to empower businesses and organizations with resilient and cutting-edge solutions that inspire trust and progress in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Our Values


Unbreakable Unity:

Fostering strength and synergy within the team.


Connecting Beyond:

Strengthening relationships beyond expectations.


Co-Creation Culture:

Inspiring innovation through collaboration.


Exceeding Expectations:

Continuously delivering exceptional results.


Impactful Actions:

Striving to make a meaningful difference every day.

Featured Clients

Company Information

NAICS Codes:

Cybersecurity Statistics

Of breaches involved external actors.
0 %
Of all breaches include the human element (Error, Privilege Misuse, Use of stolen credentials or Social Engineering)
0 %
Of all breaches involved ransomware.
0 %
Time It Takes To Identify & Contain A Data Breach
0 + Days
Of breaches are financially driven.
0 %
Average time it takes to Remediate System Vulnerabilities
0 + Days

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